Pyramid Holistic Massage Therapy Certification Program

Are you ready to start a new career in an exciting and growing field where you can have job security,

make a good living, and feel good about helping other people? 

Or would you like to learn massage and energy work skills to benefit you and your loved ones? 

Would you like the opportunity to learn at your own pace from caring experts in their field with like-minded people who want to make a difference in the world? 


If so, the Holistic Massage Therapy Certificate Program may be for you! 


 The Occupational Outlook Handbook states that employment opportunities for massage therapists have actually increased by 20% over the last decade --faster than average for most occupations. This is primarily because more people are discovering and experiencing the benefits of massage, and Americans especially are turning increasingly to massage as routine health care and stress reduction. Whereas other fields are shrinking, there is a greater need for massage therapists than ever before. However, traditional massage programs sometimes lack important components necessary to actually build a successful massage practice, or otherwise are incomplete, inconvenient, expensive, and time-consuming for the student.


Our holistic massage therapy training program prepares you not only for taking national exams, but for a successful life-long career in massage. We offer our program in two versions--a 655-hour program and a 750-hour program--each with training in massage, holistic wellness, anatomy and physiology, pathology, business, and ethics. We offer a combined delivery system of both hands-on, experiential learning with online distance work, allowing people in most locations and life circumstances to complete this program. At the Pyramid training program, we don't just teach you how to rub oil on someone--we help you develop your skills to become a caring professional, all while taking good care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Our program provides you with everything you need to start a new career--and what better place to learn massage than in the beautiful natural surroundings of Vermont and the historic elegance of downtown Rutland?

Frankly, the world is changing. People are realizing that traditional Western medicine alone is not the only answer for improving our wellness. More people than ever before are turning to complementary therapies like massage--even in difficult economic times. So while jobs are disappearing in other fields, we need more massage therapists and that need is expected to grow. But we need a new breed of massage therapists with not only excellent massage skills, but with business and marketing expertise, and the ability to help clients take charge of their own wellness professionally and ethically. We need holistic massage therapists. The Holistic Massage Therapy Certificate Program prepares its students to become one of this new breed of professionals.


Quite honestly, there is nothing like the massage therapy training program. With self-care as a guiding principle, students will start out with a very intense in-person weekend where they will learn all massage basics, become attuned to Reiki level I, and will experience massage, hands-on training, and much more. The weekend will alternate between intense classroom and hands-on learning with self care and rejuvenation. In short, students will leave this workshop feeling wonderful and ready to tackle the learning required.


After this intense weekend, students then return to their lives, integrating distance learning over the Internet at their convenience. Each of the next ten modules will include videos, PowerPoint presentations, special reading assignments, and practical information on wellness, business, marketing, and ethics. Students progress to the next module as soon as they successfully complete a simple set of assignments. Students are also encouraged to do as much massage practice as possible during this time. Students also return to the in-person classroom for the massage clinic experience and optional review sessions. Here, they will receive expert supervision and fine-tuning of techniques, all while being part of a busy massage practice clinical team. Massage clinic experiences are scheduled throughout the year, allowing students to complete the program on their own time frame. After a minimum of 200 clinical hours, students will then participate in a non-intimidating final exercise, and will receive their certificates with all of the knowledge necessary to prepare for national exams. New classes start regularly. For those students opting for our 750-hour program, training also includes deep tissue part II, whiplash training, introduction to biochemistry, and advanced energy systems.

Rutand 655-Hour Program

$3995 for the entire program, including the massage clinic.*

Or, we offer the pay-as-you-go option: $1000 for module 1, and then $325 for each module thereafter. There are 12 modules. 


Rutland 750-Hour Program

$4400 for the entire program, including the massage clinic.*

Or, we offer the pay-as-you-go option: $1000 for module 1, and then $325 per module from modules 2-12 and $400 for module 13. There are 13 modules.


OTHER FEES: We do require a $25 non-refundable application fee. If you need to take time off from your program once it begins, there is a $100 administrative holding fee. Also, if you withdraw from the program after it begins, there is an administrative withdrawal fee (outlined in the student handbook). Students must be CPR certified at the time of graduation and are responsible for associated costs. First Aid certification is recommended but not required to graduate.


BOOKS and SUPPLIES: We try to keep costs down for the student (and save the environment!) by providing most course materials online. Therefore, book expenses will be minimal for this program. However, all students are expected to purchase a massage table and linens, oils and lotions, etc. We estimate that it will cost no more than $200 for textbooks. Supplies will vary based on what you choose to purchase.


TRAVEL and LODGING EXPENSES: If you are coming from a distance, all travel and lodging expenses are your responsibility. We encourage car-pooling and sharing accommodations whenever possible.


Otherwise, there are no hidden fees, technology fees, program completion fees, or other surprise expenses. We believe that education of this quality should be available to everyone, and so we have worked to create a streamlined program that allows you to stretch your educational dollars.


Although it is the student's responsibility to pay for the program in full, this program may qualify for local non-degree program grants, scholarships, or low-interest loans. Currently, our 750-hour program is approved for VSAC non-degree grants but grant funds are limited so prospective students should apply early. Prospective students should explore loans with local lenders.


* Our tuition includes 200, 250, or 500 clinical supervision hours. Unlike other massage programs, especially ones that use the distance format, we do not charge you extra for this.

Frequently asked questions



Q: When is your next entering class?

A: We offer rolling admissions and therefore schedule the next class when we have a good cohort of students ready to start. Feel free to send an e-mail to find out if anything has been scheduled. Highly motivated students may choose to begin the program in between entering classes.


Q: What is the mission of your program? 

A: Our mission is to provide a very high-quality, holistic education that is convenient, affordable, and thorough, to prepare a new generation of massage therapists to help the world be a little better place.  We want to see people feel good about their careers and lives, make a difference in the world, and help people, all while upholding professionalism and ethics, and practicing self-care to reduce the risk of personal injury and burnout. 


Q: How can you afford to offer such a complete program at such an affordable rate? 

A: Since our program began in 2009, we have made a name for ourselves providing the highest quality training at the best prices around. We know how to operate efficiently without waste. The integrated distance format also cuts down on overhead expenses, allowing us to take a smaller incoming class size while keeping tuition low--giving the student lots of personalized attention via one of the most affordable programs around. 


Q: Is your program accredited? 

A: The short answer is no, our program is not accredited. But we are not accredited by choice for two reasons. First, because of the unique all-encompassing program we offer, it is difficult to find an organization that is able to oversee accreditation for all of the fields we combine. The study of holistic massage is so unique that very few organizations are qualified to set or judge standards any better than we can. Second, even if such a board existed, the cost of accreditation for a school like ours would be outrageously expensive, forcing us to increase our tuition dramatically. Honestly, we would rather put our own resources into our teaching. In most cases, the fact that we are not accredited will not pose any particular difficulty for our students, but it is each student's responsibility to check on all licensing requirements in her or his home state to be sure. 


Q: How accessible are your professors? 

A: Do not let the credentials of our faculty fool you; we have assembled a fantastic team of instructors, but these people are quite down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and completely interested in making sure that you get the best instruction possible. After all, as a graduate of the Pyramid program, you will be not only representing yourself, but you will be representing us. Our professors are genuinely nice people who work in the field and have the teaching skills to give you what you need. Even during the distance portions, your instructors are just a mouse click or phone call away.


Q: Is your program affiliated with the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center?

A: While the Massage Therapy Certificate Program was born at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center, the two organizations are now separate. Gift certificates for student massages will be honored as credit at the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center while valid.


Admission Requirements 

All students of the Massage Therapy Certification Program: 

 1. Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent

 2. Must be able to attend all of the in-person work and complete the massage clinic experience in Rutland or St. Albans, Vermont 

 3. Must have access to a computer and the Internet 

 4. Must be physically and emotionally capable of handling the training experience 

 5. Must agree to uphold the ethics of the profession, during the program and beyond 

 6. Must be able to pay or secure financing for the program 


The Application Process 

Each incoming class size will be limited to 20 people. Admissions are rolling and will continue until each class is full. Applicants should print out, complete, and send the application along with a non-refundable $25 application fee, a current résumé, and at least one letter of recommendation from a former teacher, employer, or professional in support of the applicant's readiness to complete a massage training program. Applicants may also scan and e-mail the application to saltcavevt@gmail.com.


Applicants should expect to hear within 2-3 weeks if they have been accepted to the program. In most circumstances, applicants will either be accepted or not; however, in some situations, the Pyramid program staff will request a telephone or in-person interview to assess the appropriateness of this program, and reserves the right to accept applicants conditionally. Once accepted, students are asked to pay a $500 minimum deposit to hold their spots in the course. Those students paying in full will need to pay for the remainder of the program by the start date. Those opting for the pay-as-you-go plan will need to send a second payment of $500 before the start of the program.



Don’t find the answers to your questions here or just want to connect with program staff?


E-mail us: kelleyw@pyramidvt.com (William Kelley), saltcavevt@gmail.com (Dr. Margaret Smiechowski),

    roman@pyramidvt.com (Roman Smiechowski), mcdaryamassage@aol.com (Darya McNolty)

Call or text us: 802-779-4507 (Darya McNolty) — give Darya a call to schedule a student massage

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